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reality is a flux
an endless becoming
that is beyond
words and language

Friedrich Nietzsche

What Is Gestalt?

The closest translation of the word Gestalt is ‘whole’, ‘pattern’ or ‘form’. It has the sense that meaning cannot be found from breaking things down into parts but rather from appreciation of the whole person, system and life situation.

In other words, Gestalt is a holistic process.

Gestalt Consulting is a form of organisational consulting that draws upon Gestalt principles to help businesses and organisations improve their functioning and effectiveness, by raising awareness of patterns and behaviours that may be hindering growth and facilitating the development of new perspectives and approaches.​


Gestalt Coaching applies Gestalt principles to the domain of personal and professional coaching. It involves working with clients and teams to help gain self-awareness, clarify goals, overcome obstacles, and maximise potential by focusing on present experience and exploring thoughts, feelings and behaviours within the 'whole' context.


Gestalt Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that emphasises the present moment and the client's immediate experience. Gestalt therapists believe that people are born with the resources and ability to be in rewarding relationship with other human beings, and lead a satisfying, creative life. However, often during childhood and sometimes later on, something interrupts this process and a person becomes stuck in fixed patterns and beliefs about themselves that get in the way. Gestalt seeks to investigate and uncover how these patterns are still active and affecting a person’s present life.

In all three practices, the underlying philosophy is that individuals and systems have an innate tendency toward growth and self-regulation. By promoting awareness, integration, and personal responsibility, Gestalt approaches aim to help clients and organisations develop greater self-understanding, enhance their functioning, and lead more fulfilling lives.

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