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for all bodies
are in perpetual flux
like rivers

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz 


Many teams and groups are generally OK at the 'forming' stage, where the desire to create good working relationships is at work. It's once the 'storming' stage inevitably arrives however that the stresses and strains of navigating different personalities, expectations, power dynamics etc, start to emerge.


Whilst company strategies and systems can mitigate some of the more extreme aspects of this stage, it's often the 'hidden and unsaid' that can destabilise an otherwise well functioning team.

Some of the recurring issues that I've witnessed in my work with teams and groups of varying shapes and sizes are...

  • Conflict aversion

  • Personality clashes

  • Mismatched expectations

  • Feeling excluded

  • Breakdown in communication

  • Competition vs collaboration

  • Power dynamics

  • Rumour-mills

  • Perverse incentives

  • Unintended consequences

If you identify with any of these, please do get in touch with me, so we can explore if and how I may be able to support you and your team.

My Approach
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