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The Art & Science of Flow™


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Miguel Fernandez-Arias is the founder and Director of Fluxing. He helps individuals and organisations get 'unstuck' and 'flowing’ again by applying creative thinking and the most up-to-date methodologies to develop bespoke programmes that harness fresh opportunities and deliver healthy people & planet-centred growth... in other words, the Art & Science of Flow.

Having spent 25 years Consulting in the field of strategic marketing, business development and digital innovation, Miguel is now applying his wealth of cross-sector knowledge, hands-on experience and many transferable skills to rise to the challenge and call of this new Humanitarian era.

He has also recently been training as a Gestalt Psychotherapist and therefore able to combine his clinical training and experience as a therapist with his consulting experience, to help those in leadership roles to better understand some of the psychological and relational dynamics in their workspaces. 

all is creation
all is change
all is flux
all is metamorphosis

Henry Miller

all is flux



One of the most important things for me is working with individuals and organisations where I can establish a good connection and develop a healthy relationship, as it's ultimately the strength of this foundational alliance that is an essential component for success. 


My invitation therefore is for you to get in touch to arrange an initial free consultation (online or offline), so we can assess and explore if and how we might work together.

Miguel Fernández-Arias BA (Hons)

Founder & Director

+44 (0)7976 975509

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